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We are a music management platform that caters to independent artist of the entertainment side of the music business.
We are making dreams come true let us represent you Our team would love to talk to you in reference to your music career

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We are a  music management platform that caters to independent artist of the entertainment side of the music business.
We are making dreams come true let us represent you Our team would love to talk to you in reference to your music career We Are Also A  Clothing Brand Bringing You The Hottest Urban Wear Fashion 
1Artist Manager

Coordinated with the artist to develop goals for his career, and to take actions on his behalf

  • Developed contacts with relevant individuals and organizations
  • Scheduled the client's first performances, which sold 60% above the estimated revenue
  • Grown artist awareness through social media platforms
  • Managed business and financial affairs for artist, such as arranging travel, managing social media, selling tickets, employing a video team, recruiting a DJ, and promotion
2Graphic Artist Manager

Designed creative print/online ads for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer.

  • Drove revenue growth through creative design or redesign of new products, spec ads, print/online products, catalogs, brochures and special sections.
  • Trained and advised Graphic Designers in newspaper related applications.
  • Designed promotional material: flyers, rate cards, posters, signage, testimonials and event materials.
  • Developed brand identity standards for [company name] and ensured adherence to guidelines.
  • Assisted with other phases of market development including scheduling and tracking of all promo ads.
  • Produced and organized regular ad updates for filler rotation.
  • Wrote trade agreements for community service sponsorship.
3Artist Manager (part-time)

Conferred with artist to develop strategies that would positively affect their career.

  • Developed contracts with individuals and organizations and applied affective strategies that would ensure positive results.
  • Developed and evaluated marketing strategies to ensure artist growth and exposure.
  • Created publications for the artist such as brochures, flyers, websites and logos.
  • Scheduled and coordinated artist's performances and interviews.

Managed business and tour operations of 'Thermal And A Quarter', renowned Indian English Rock band.

  • Built and maintained relationships with sponsors, international festivals and talent management companies.
  • Strategized, conceptualized, implemented and executed marketing plans for all offline initiatives such as long
  • Involved with the online team to align marketing and sales objectives and strategies.
5Artist Manager, Marketing & Promotions Project Manager
  • Assisted in all aspects of progressing the professional career of our artist
  • Booked, promoted and produced an end-of-the-semester album release party and live showcase
  • Hired and collaborated with graphic designers to create album art and promotional materials
  • Arranged 3 photo shoots and 1 music video shoot
  • Created and pitched budget proposals to financiers
6Artist Manager/product Manager/ A & R
  • Prepared weekly project status reports for President
  • Delegated responsibilities and designed time schedule to assure on time arrival
  • Managed artist scheduled appointments, coordinated all travel and budgeting
  • Negotiated show dates and all payments related to artist
  • Responsible for accounts payable/account receivable, payroll, and cost control
  • Responsible for collecting over $4 million in tour and merchandising payments
7Artist Manager

Managed several leading recording artists who achieved number one success in radio charts

  • Booked and produced music concerts, including creative management, hiring band and staff members
  • Negotiated with recording labels and managed contracts
  • Booked and managed campaigns and public appearances
  • Managed budgets and schedules
  • Produced music albums, which sold gold records and reached all of Israel's number one charts
8Artist Manager

Responsible for overseeing the validity and accuracy of contracts between venue and artist.

  • Ensured that the artist's technical and hospitality requests are met by each venue.
  • Collaborated with booking agents to negotiate artist fees with venues.
  • Maintained accurate accounting of artists profits, per diems, fees, & expenses.
9Marketing Coordinator/artist Manager

Managed and coordinated a small performance art troupe which performed at galleries, fairs and concerts approximately twice monthly.

  • Designed and implemented marketing strategy
  • Wrote compelling content in support of social media presence.
  • Assisted artists with creative direction and costuming.
  • Collaborated on photo shoots and video work for marketing materials.
  • Booked shows and appearances.
  • Delegated tasks and assured their completion.
10Artist Manager

Handled marketing and day to day operations

  • Toured extensively with artists
  • Worked with labels and for artists from multiple different genres of music.-
  • Created deal points for contracts and endorsement deals.
  • Communicate with publicists and booking agencies in order to facilitate full 360
  • Made travel arrangements and organized celebrity security escorts to and from public
  • Shot and directed music videos for over 50 top level artists.
  • Received Top 20 music videos of 2012 award
11Artist Manager, PR Consultant, Promoter
  • Managed artists’ publicity, networking, merchandising, and touring interests to ensure a net gain
  • Coordinated monthly shows at 300 capacity venues, which were live broadcasted on local radio
  • Designed and developed company website, social media, advertising, and aesthetic image
12Artist Manager Intern

Assisted in daily office tasks such as: Mailing, phone calls, and errands

  • Assembled weekly calendar of Meet & Greet and ticket list notifications
  • Monitored artist and promoter websites
  • Created an artist scrap book of their years experience and achievements
13Principal, Artist Manager

Collaborated with independent artist to build brand recognition on national level

  • Managed day-to-day tour operations and schedules across 46 states
  • Procured artists' deals with record labels, booking agents, legal representation and public relations firms
  • Secured product endorsements via networks of music equipment manufacturers and lifestyle product makers
14Artist Manager and Booking Agent
  • Independently negotiated and confirmed dates at various venues across the Southeast
  • Settled shows and accounted for all performance earnings while maintaining Artist budget
  • Oversaw studio recording and coordinated mastering process of 4 song EP
15Artist Manager and Promoter

Developed and Executed Promotional Strategies

  • Brand consultation and implementation
  • Solicited and consulted in contract negotiation with independent record label
  • Solicited and booked appearances and concerts
  • Designed and implemented extensive public relations campaign to include
  • General representation and consultation
16Artist Manager
  • Assisted Artist Managers with musical artists career objectives by connecting clients with producers, songwriters, negotiating contracts and rates, booking agents, working closely with the record labels, A&R and all facets of the marketing team to get the optimal results for the artists.
  • Develop and create client's image by hiring stylists, photographers, and web designers and creating an overall consistent marketing and brand strategy.
  • Handled all logistics of touring including budgets, merchandising, travel plans and documents, and working with talent buyers, promoters, venues, issuing invoices, and ensuring payments.
  • Managed the publicity and promotions, set up interviews with the media, worked with labels PR dept. and designed Marketing, Social Media and PR campaigns.
  • Negotiated contracts and rates for major tours and Broadway touring productions, wrote basic riders and performance contracts.
  • Facilitated opportunities for clients including: record deals with labels, collaborations with songwriters, producers, and other talent in order to create optimal results for the artists
  • Spearheaded the internship program; interviewed, trained, and mentored employees
17Stage and Artist Manager (freelance)
  • Managed VIP tents/area in order to provide white-glove service
  • Aided in coordinating artist performance order and stage management
  • Addressed any backstage issues effectively and seamlessly
  • Responsible for keeping press in assigned area and directing questions to appropriate parties
  • On-Site liaison between artist managers, artists, and company
20Artist Manager and Creative Director
  • Managed business services, marketing promotions, inventory pricing and sales transactions.
  • Supervised and handled all aspects of product inventory: cash handling, voids, shift breaks.
  • Communicated and presented weekly financial reports to business owner.